O-Port Thru Gate

Features and Benefits

  • Thru  gate, man safe/double block and bleed design used to replace “line blinds” reducing down time and maintenance hours and assuring work safe environment
  • Precision machining of body halves and close tolerances to gate eliminates solid build up between components ensuring proper cycling
  • Elastomer seated design eliminates pressure on packing in fully open and fully closed positions extending packing life
  • Equipped with hardened gate and cartridge seats, O-Port can be used in large scavenger applications for recycle pulper applications
  • Positive shutoff bidirectional valve in heavy stock applications eliminates dewatering
  • All components – stanchions, bolting, bridge, stem, packing follower – of stainless steel construction which eliminates external corrosion
  • Stainless Steel lockout bar on every valve for quick and efficient lockout
  • Due to torque requirements of O-Port design, use of gear operator or NPV pneumatic cylinder is recommended above 12”

Typical Applications include:

  1. Man safe, double block and bleed valve replaces need for line blind
  2. High density stock isolation
  3. Recycle paper pulper discharge