Scavenger Valve – Round x Square Flange Design

Features and Benefits

  • Precision machining of 2-piece body and wetted parts prevents plugging or jamming of solid materials
  • Cavity free design allows for removal of solids ensuring proper cycling of valve and contact of limit switches
  • Special heat treated and hardened materials for gate and seat cartridge reduce abrasive wear thereby extending cycle life
  • NPV manufactured air cylinder designed for high cycles required in recycle scavenger applications
  • Stainless Steel lockout bar and limit switch brackets are standard accessories with every cylinder operated valve
  • Two-piece valve design allows for complete factory repair to like new condition at a percentage of a new valve price
  • Round by Square design proven to work in newspaper, magazine and general office type paper recycle facilities without plugging
  • Round by Square design is now available in 6”, 8”, 10” diameters to fit existing round by square reject chambers

Typical Applications include:

  1. Recycle paper mill applications in HD and MD cleaners requiring round by square flanges
  2. Knotter and reject applications in pulp mills
  3. Preferred in recycling of magazine, office and newsprint applications due to abundance of small staples