Unidirectional Valve

Features and Benefits


  • NPV Unidirectional casting provides for full guiding of gate throughout the cycle which prevents any gate distortion even in the event of a back pressure
  • Guiding of gate in body casting also extends cycle life of packing material
  • Leakage rate with metal to metal sears on water is Class 4 in preferred direction
  • Leakage rate with elastomer seats on water is bubble tight shutoff is preferred direction
  • NPV Unidirectional Valves can be supplied with Stainless Steel mechanical lockout bar or cylinder lockout
  • NPV valves are manufactured to be easily adapted for cylinder operation without need for additional mounting accessories. Allows for convenient field mounting, when necessary
  • Valve is manufactured of Stainless Steel components to prevent damaging corrosion, both internal and external
  • Unidirectional valves available from 2” – 48” diameter, both matal and elastomer seated.

NOTE: All Unidirectional valves must have pressure behind the gate upon closing for proper sealing.

Typical applications include:
1. Low density stock
2. Moderate slurries
3. Water applications with elastomer seal