Bidirectional Valve

Features and Benefits


  • Designed to perform in applications where the industry has been using more expensive perimeter seated high performance knife gate valves
  • Use of replaceable metal seat cartridge with viton elastomer L-seat eliminates integral seated o-rings coming loose and getting into the flow stream possibly causing major damage to equipment and paper products
  • Precision machined cast lugs in the body guarantee bidirectional shut off and assures bubble tight shut of when using elastomer seat
  • Internal square body design and square gate prevents build up of solids and dewatering of pulp stock
  • Non-rise stem eliminates safety hazard and improves vibration resistance of valve topworks
  • Full flange body designs resists adverse effects of pipe stresses
  • Topworks, bolting, packing gland, body and gate are all Stainless Steel construction preventing internal and external corrosion
  • Stainless Steel Nylock nuts guarantee positive tightness even under high vibration
  • All standard valves are manufactured of 317SS with 316L SS chromed gates. In addition we offer carbon steel ductile iron, Alloy 20, 254, SMO, Hastelloy, Titanium, etc.
  • SizesL from 3” – 42”
  • Covers 98% of knife gate valve applications

Typical applications include:
1. Pulp and Paper – pulp stock (High and low density), black liquor, white liquor, white water, lime mud slurries, refiner isolation, water and waste treatment
2. Power – fly ass, wet ash, lime slurry scrubbers, pulverizers
3. Others – Plastics manufacturers, cement manufacturers, water treatment and waste treatment facilities
4. Some scavenger applications