SER600 – Pneumatic Cylinder

Features and Benefits


  • All cylinders manufactured by NPV mount directly to our valves eliminating need for an adapter plate. All gates are machined to adapt to manual or automated operation
  • Cylinder barrels are manufactured of a lightweight, high-strength, corrosion-resistant composite material, designed and specifically for adverse environments
  • All cylinder operated valves supplied with Stainless Steel lockout bar and limit switch brackets
  • Piston seal is an elastomer quad seal providing longer life and positive seal compared to a standard o-ring seal
  • Cylinder stem seal is a U-cup design protected by a scraper for longer life and positive scaling
  • Length of lower cylinder bridge serves as guide for stem, reducing any slide torque and extending seal life
  • When used on high cycle scavenger valves, extra precaution is taken to prevent stem and clevis coming apart by threading and pinning the connection
  • Cylinders are easily field repairable by replacing complete soft goods kit which includes o-rings, quad seal, wiper and u-cup
  • NPV valves are designed to accept a new cylinder or convert manual valve to automated operation in line but under ZERO line pressure
  • Due to light weight construction of all NPV cylinders and the strength of 4-post topworks, most installations do not require additional support